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 Welcome to LogeMedia Los Angeles

The world's most comprehensive digital marketing platform for products, services or personal branding. We have all the services under one roof that you need to start, grow your online business.

Join the team and enjoy the ride!

Morati Chukwunyelu LogeMedia CMO

Morati  Chukwunyelu

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Liselot Meijer LogeMedia CTO

Liselot Meijer

Digital Selling Expert (CTO)

Cillian Callaghan LogeMedia CDO

Cillian Callaghan

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

"Inner Circle for Life!"

Piero Perlutti

  CEO Founder -Piero Perlutti

Nominated by FORBES as one of the best businessmen in 2021

Our EPIC Framework

It all started 12 years ago when I had a physical business, and it was very expensive to advertise in physical magazines, newspapers, and local television to promote and grow my business. 

It all started 12 years ago when I had a physical business, and it was very expensive to advertise in physical magazines, newspapers, and local television to promote and grow my business. 

I remember that previously for you to have a website "that sells" or any digital service (design, videos, etc) prices were very high, even most of the profits were going on advertising, then it was very difficult for me to grow, and I did not have many resources, nor the support of anyone to be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. From there I had the idea of "creating a digital mall (all in one) with a system to promote a brand, product, or service" that is super economical and that really helps businesses grow.

Because just as you are now reading these lines, I'm sure you identify with my story because I know perfectly well what it costs to maintain a business and know that we have a product or service that could benefit thousands of people, or that is unique, or that is better than the competition, but as I am not known, or do not have enough financial resources to massively advertise the business, we get frustrated as new entrepreneurs. Then I started studying professionally with everything related to digital marketing, over the years I began to interact with the media, advertisers, experts in SEO, branding, coding, and all areas so extensive in this area.

Later destiny led me to discover super talented people, experts in digital marketing, and finally after many years of trials, errors, and disappointments we managed to create "LogeMedia Los Angeles" a Digital Mall where we have more than 200 digital services in one place, achieving a fusion with…… a system of a mix of talented writers, artificial intelligence, and automated software to massively promote businesses in any English-speaking country, guaranteeing the positioning of the brand, and become number one in your specific zone (city, area) and in Google in record time, and most importantly at symbolic prices, so that any business can have it at their fingertips.

Finally, the problem is solved, no more those thousands of dollars in advertising accounts, no more searching for a web designer, a writer, social media management, a trafficker (ads), and many others. Here you will find everything you need to boost and grow your business in one place, even in our social network Facebook, every day we provide ideas, tips, strategies to boost your brand, product, or service.  WELCOME!

Sigature Piero Perlutti

Let's Hear What Others Are Saying


Thanks to LogeMedia we have been able to grow as a family business recognized in my state.!

" In just two months we have grown like never before, the massive media exposure helped propel us forward and grow as a family business, and we continue to be recognized as number 1 in Google in Neillsville WI."

Founder Darin Degenhardt

SacredLeaf Logo

LogeMedia positioned me in only 3 months in the Top of Google News!.

" I never imagined being above big companies like Forbes, Discover Magazine, Vanity Fair or Glamour UK in Google News, and thanks to Piero for making it possible."

Founder Trevor Burdett

Logo CBD Pro-Ohio

I started my business about 5 months ago in Columbus, Ohio, and I am already ranked as the best brand and products in Google..

" This is amazing my business is ranked top and on the first page of Google in only 5 months without any effort on my part, LogeMedia takes care of everything, and I am very happy."

Founder Aaron Koch.

Garza Group Logo

LogeMedia's service is exceptional.

" Mario Castaño's team is fantastic, they have saved me thousands of dollars and headaches."

Founder José Luis Garza

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